Maintenance products parasol- / pavililion cloth

Beautiful parasols should stay beautiful. To keep your parasols in good condition, we advise you to regularly remove dust and dirt from the dry parasol cloth. Make sure you only close the parasol with a dry cloth and preferably store it indoors in a protective cover in a dry place. Please make sure you always cover your parasol with a protection cover when you are not using it. This prevents color differences in the cloth between the parts that are exposed to the sun and the parts that are not exposed to the sun.

If you would like to clean your parasol thoroughly, a sponge and a chamois are best to do so. Do not use high pressure cleaners or aggressive detergents, as these may damage the moisture and dirt resistant coating. Then carefully wipe the parasol cloth with a mild detergent (our Lesli Living textile cleaner is ideal for this) and lukewarm water. Scrub the cloth gently and then rinse it again with a garden hose. Leave the parasol open until the cloth is completely dry and always store your parasol dry.

Please remember to always fold in your parasol in case of rain or showers. 

Maintenance products parasol- / pavililion cloth

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