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Congratulations with the purchase of your new poly- stone garden furniture. Each table is handmade and will have its own individual color and expression.

This poly – stone table is a strong and durable product. Poly- stone is an organic material made from cement, silica sand, water, stone powder reinforced with polyester resin and polyfoam. Once the cement hardens it will get a raw, unpolished look with an unique color combination.

Poly- stone is an organic material which is influenced by light and daily use. This can result in differences in structure and surface. Also there may be areas with small holes on the surface and on the edges of the table. Never will there be two tables that are 100% identical. These special characteristics do not affect the furniture's. lifespan, quality and durability of the furniture.

If you will maintain this purchase well, the duration of enjoyment of this product will be extended excessively. Poly- stone has an open pore structure. This makes it sensitive to grease, liquids etc. It is important to clean the table top immediately if spills of greasy liquid gets on the table, we recommend to use water with a mild soap to remove the light stains followed by rinsing it with water and drying it thoroughly with a towel.

To maintain the resistance of the stains we recommend to use 2-3 times a year with cement sealer. This can be purchased at your local DIY store. Deeper lying dirt, small cracks or fissures can be removed with finegrained sandpaper. After using the sandpaper the surface should be treated with cement protection. Calcium spots can be treated the same way.

It is recommended to store the furniture in dry and non-heated room during the winter season. To maintain the cushions in a satisfying manner, we suggest to store it inside in case of bad weather.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with your new garden furniture.

It is not advisable to clean a Polystone table top with detergents, as these contain chemicals that could affect the colouring of the top. Absolutely no scouring or bleaching cleaners should be used, as these can cause dull spots. Use our special Lesli Living spraystone cleaner and protector which is also extremely suitable for this material.

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