Maintenance products polystone

Polystone is a unique material and actually consists of ground stone (e.g. granite, marble, soapstone) which is mixed with a liquid synthetic resin. The stone and the synthetic resin are mixed with each other so that a castable mixture is created. After curing, it is sanded in several steps and then polished. After which the tabletop is hand-painted, dried and polished again. The result is a tabletop that is as hard and strong as stone and feels like it.

Polystone offers many advantages: it is easy to keep clean, is lightweight, has a beautiful appearance and has a long lifetime. An even more important advantage for you is of course that Polystone cannot be damaged by the weather, so you can leave the furniture outside all year round.

It is not advisable to clean a Polystone table top with detergents, as these contain chemicals that could affect the colouring of the top. Absolutely no scouring or bleaching cleaners should be used, as these can cause dull spots. Use our special Lesli Living spraystone cleaner and protector which is also extremely suitable for this material.

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